Hiking in German parts of the North European Plain is a pleasure for all nature lovers visiting the region. The Nordpfade let you explore the versatile treasures of the area. Excellent paths with signs that make it easy to follow the right trail lead visitors through the dreamy landscape.


A total of 24 paths invite our guests to go outside and enjoy the beautiful nature of the Zeven Geest. The initiative Wandelbares Deutschland (versatile Germany) has named us a Qualitätsgastgeber (quality host), which means that we not only offer standard service, but also numerous special extras that are specifically tailored to hiking vacations.

The 10-kilometer Nordpfad Kuhbach-Oste leads directly past our house and makes for an excellent trail for ambitioned hikers.

Nordpfad Kuhbach-Oste

The Nordpfad Börde-Sittensen leads from the mill pond to the convent Burgsittensen and to the Tister Bauernmoor (Tister farmer’s moor). A versatile tour with a lot to explore.

Nordpfad Börde-Sittensen