Buxtehude – Jork – Stade

The Old Country

With Hamburg’s harbor in sight and surrounded by fruit trees, the old country presents itself at its best. The architecture along the shores, the dikes and promenades, offer lots of unique opportunities to take home memories of the unique landscape. Lovely half-timbered houses in an excellent condition let you experience the special charm of Northern German architecture. Buxtehude, Jork and Stark are three places that visitors love a lot.

Leuchtturm an der Elbe

The way from Buxtehude to Staade is particularly well-suited for a bike tour with a little detour to Jork. We also recommend doing a comprehensive tour of any of the three. The highlight is a break in one of the many friendly cafés of the old city center. Go on a tour through the city and take some pictures. Enjoy the comfortable atmosphere and the inviting allure. Definitely a real highlight of any visit to the north of Germany.