In the 1800s, many German artist discovered their love of painting out in nature. Far from the noise of the busy cities and industrial complexes, rural life became part of the Zeitgeist. Artist colonies were created in remote villages and new art styles were born. Our neighboring artist villages Fischerhude and Worpswede are still home to a large number of artists and offer numerous museums, galleries and studios. The wild and romantic Teufelsmoor (devils moor), picturesque avenues and the unique light here still inspire local artists today.

Malen an einer Staffelei. Arbeit im Atelier.

Exhibitions at the Worpseder Kunsthalle (art hall) let you experience varying artist and styles. The local artists still give these places a special atmosphere. The dreamy and peaceful landscape, the magical light and a unique way of life seem to give the artists here a special drive. This is why we have so many museums, galleries and studios in this area. In addition, the artist villages are only a 40-minute drive from the hotel.

Artist Village Fischerhude

Artist Village Worpswede