We come to visit you with our chef to transform your kitchen into a stage for cooking artists. Your family will be so excited when you celebrate the day by offering them a 4-star menu that you made.

And since cooking is only half the fun when you are not in good and happy company, we offer all kinds of special cooking classes for you and your friends or colleagues here at the Gasthaus zur Kloster-Mühle.

You are sick of sitting in front of the TV alone at night with a pizza box on your knees? Why not join one of our cooking classes for singles. Invite friends and meet nice new people that you will spend time with at our stylish cooking event at the Gasthaus Zur Kloster-Mühle. A professional sommelier will teach you how to select the perfect wine for your menu before you switch to the living room to have a nice drink together – and then you can soon test your new cooking skills together at home in your kitchen.


This cooking class offers delicacies for men. Smart dishes that will impress your guests without letting them know how little work it was to make them. Vegetables and Salads that will make the knees of seasoned meat lovers weak. And all of that in a relaxed atmosphere while you are drinking a cool beer with like-minded guys.

€69/ person not including beverages

  • Cooking classes for men in your home
  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Number of participants: 6 to 10

Cooking classes for men who want to be cooking experts

  • Our chef welcomes you with a refreshing aperitif in our kitchen.
  • In this cooking course for men, you will learn to cook an excellent menu that tastes delicious and is a lot of fun to prepare.
  • We will tell you what you should know about the ingredients and how to make a wonderful menu from them.
  • Learn how to make the perfect steak and how to combine meat and vegetables to create a premium menu.
  • It may surprise you which herbs that you never realized existed are actually the perfect ingredient to make your steak taste even better and more interesting!
  • You will then use fresh regional products to cook a menu that you will all love.
  • You can then lean back and enjoy the delicious food that you have prepared with your new friends.

This is a man`s world…

A cool beer, a legendary atmosphere and proven recipes as well as the company of likeminded men are waiting for you. Prepare your personal 3-course menu and become a really good cook.

Of course, some clichés die hard: True men need a beer after work and shove a pizza from the supermarket into the oven, they don’t eat a lot of vegetables and love meat. But there have been rumors that some men actually care about what they eat, buy organic food and that some of them have noticed how women, too, enjoy a good steak, but that they often like to eat it with a fresh salad.

First and foremost, we offer you one thing that true men love in this cooking course: You will learn to prepare excellent dishes: Not only will you learn how to fry meat to perfection, but you will also prepare a delicious marinade with fresh herbs to make your steak taste even better. We will teach you how to prepare vegetables and salads in a way that will earn you recognition from both men and women.

And you will love the relaxed atmosphere – having fun at home with a beer or a glass of wine in your hand.

Please note: No experience is required for this cooking course for men. Absolute beginners are just as welcome as are seasoned meat lovers.


Our fish cooking classes are for everyone who loves fish

You don’t have to go to Alaska to eat good fish. The coasts of Germany’s north offer scaly delicacies for fish lovers. Rudd, brook trout and trout – into the net and directly to our kitchen. Our expert will show you how to prepare these delicacies yourself so that you can recreate the specialties that you loved during your vacation when you are back home. You will also learn how to scale, fillet and smoke fish. Our professional cook will teach you the tricks of the pros when you participate in our fish cooking class.

€79 per person not including beverages

  • Fish Cooking Class
  • in your home
  • Duration: 5 hours
  • Number of participants: 6 to 10


We welcome you to your fish cooking class with a refreshing aperitif in our kitchen.

  • We use fresh fish from regional waters for this cooking course.
  • Get to know the different types of fish and learn what kinds of dishes they are best for.
  • Your professional chef teaches you how to really tell if fish is fresh!
  • Next, you will learn how to scale, fillet and prepare the different types of fish.
  • And then you get started and create a 5-course fish menu with fresh herbs, sophisticated fillings and delicious sauces.
  • You will not have to study boring theory in order to learn how to properly prepare fish in a way that will make it perfectly juicy and translucent and then fillet it properly.
  • The final part of the evening will be enjoying your meal and the pleasant atmosphere in a private atmosphere. We take care of the cleaning and wish you a nice evening.

It will be like shooting fish in a barrel…

We will show you various ways to prepare fish – smoked, steamed, fried or in one piece. Let us surprise you with the many nuances of taste that you can enjoy in our very fresh fish. Learn what types of fish are best for soup and which should be cooked gently.

Take our lessons and learn how to prevent fish from going dry. Instead it will be juicy and translucent and you will also learn to prepare a delicious filling and how to season entire fish to later fillet them so that nobody will have to encounter nasty fish bones.

After that, you will enjoy your fish dishes in the pleasant atmosphere of your home together and let the evening come to an end.

  • Our fish cooking course includes the 5-course menu, the aperitif, house-made bread in case you get hungry as well as aprons and recipes.

We only use absolutely fresh fish for our cooking course.


Love meat tender.

Everyone will be satisfied. Without fluff – ingenious and grounded but not in a conservative way: this is what sums up the essence of this cooking class that satisfies men’s hunger and women’s good taste while never forgetting the taste experience. Ready, set, to the pans!

€79 per person

  • Meat Cooking Class
  • in your home
  • Duration: 4 hours
  • Number of participants: 6 to 10

We welcome you to your cooking class with a classic aperitif in our kitchen.

Steaks and beef, mutton, pork, turkey, chicken. Pan-fried, oven, sous vide. A slice of marbled meat, fried briefly for a spicy brown crust and a soft core – that’s all you need for a delicious taste experience. The steak/meat course offers you background knowledge, lots of important information on the subject of steaks and meat as well as lots of interesting instructions on how to prepare it properly – simple, uncomplicated and ingenious.

  • We use all kinds of meat that have one thing in common: they are all absolutely fresh.
  • Meet the different types of meat and learn what occasions they are best for.
  • Our chef will show you how to tell if meat is really fresh.
  • After this, you will learn how to free the meat from unwanted tissue, how to properly cut it up, fry it, and season it.
  • You will get the chance to taste all those different types of meat while you are cooking and frying them. This way you will have a direct comparison.

Learn how to prepare meat in a way that will make it juicy and tender and how to do so without getting stressed on the day of your celebration.